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It all began in 2008……………..

Technoedge power was founded in the year 2008 as an electrical engineering company of Bangladesh entrepreneur by a group of professionally experienced graduates & diploma engineers which works for overall solution of power distribution system of a different projects. Technoedge power started its operation with a very professional approach as the entrepreneur themselves of this company had longtime previous technical experience in this sector. Technoedge power also provides opportunities for young energetic engineers.

From the year 2011, technoedge power becomes a Limited company “Technoedge Power Limited”. Today it has way to established itself as a supplier of low voltage electrical accessories assembling. Technoedge Power Limited firstly try to realize the overall power distribution philosophy of the project and then prepare a cost effective design considering the present and future provision of the project. Low voltage switchgear, power factor improvement plant, distribution board, motor control panel, changeover panel and all type of electrical conventional works are done by smart design maintaining superior quality. With the self manufactured and assembled equipment, Technoedge Power Limited works for supplying, installing & commissioning of the above works. We also work for bus bar trunking system both power 400A to 5000A both copper & aluminum and lighting bus bar trunking system with copper. In future Technoedge Power Limited will manufacture three phase distribution transformer.

Service we make together

Technoedge Power Limited has a long term vision to be the best and largest power engineering company of Bangladesh by dint of quality product, professional deal and superior after sales support. Technoedge Power Limited believes on the philosophy that customers are the best referrers for the vendors. If we can satisfy our valued customers then they will speak for us. With the blessing of our satisfied customers Technoedge Power Limited dreams to cross the national boundaries to face the global competition by professional intelligence technical up gradation and business commitment. Quality that means a lot to Technoedge Power Limited so we are providing all types of Low Voltage Switchgear product of different world class brands.

Quality & Commitment

Technoedge Power Limited policy is to established and work to process which ensure the understanding of customers needs and hence to deliver and support its products and services to satisfy those needs to better than the competitors.

Our aims to reduce the health, safety and environmental impacts of our products and prevents pollution by utilizing a structured risk management approach taking in to account the needs of our customers and society at large. Our activities will be assessed for environmental impact and appropriate health and safety provision.

We are proud to be declaring that we are providing all types of High tension and low tension voltage switchgear products of different world class brand

Technoedge Power Limited is committed to provide quality products and services by ensuring total customer satisfaction for all time adopting updated and latest technology in the field.

Strategic business Partners

VCB, LBS, ACB, MCCB, MCB - ABB - Italy, Schneider Elecctric
Magnetic Contactor - ABB, Togami, Japan
Frequency Inverter - Schneider Electric
Capacitor Bank - ABB, India / Frako, Germany
Switch Socket - MK, ABB, Flag
Power Bus bar Trunking System - Malaysia
Lighting Bus bar Trunking System - Naxso, Italy
Energy Saving Light - China